My real life Jedi Master

Something I knew I needed if I ever wanted to become a Jedi was a master. It’s possible to learn of lot of the stuff on your own but it’s an ineffective way of going from a padawan to a Jedi. And I felt a need to speed up the process and get to the status of Jedi.

I was always on high alert for the presence of a Jedi Master. They really are few and far between. I stumbled upon a Jedi Master at an local meetup. Really, I had always taken to people who where positive and there was something about this guy he was more than positive, probably had a fair amount of charisma too.

I don’t even really know what charisma is but I swear he had to have had it. I gravitated to him like syrup to pancakes. I remember going to this group discussion and how inviting he was. Now always, but nearly always, one becomes a Jedi Master through experience and nurturing that experience down the right path. He was much older than myself, as I was sure he was in his mid-seventies. I was much younger, only in my late twenties. So there was at least a touch of wisdom mixed in.

I expected him and everyone else who was there to not pay attention to me because of the stark age difference. That didn’t happen as they quickly introduced their names. There was John, Denise and Bob. Bob was the one who stood out as he was more interested in me than the others, they were nice too but not engaging and warm like he was.

And the positivity that emanated from him was enormous. It radiated off of him. He treated everyone in a welcoming manner and engaged people in such a way that he became the groups default leader.

He’s what made me want to come back to the meeting. I thought I could gain some morsels of wisdom. The meetings were one aspect but the other and much more important part was when he invited people to his house after the meeting for coffee or tea. I jumped at the chance and no else came.

That’s when Bob started teaching me the ways of the force.

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