Areas of Needed Mastery

There are basic areas a person needs to focus on in order to become a Jedi. These are very different than the basic tenets of a Jedi in the fictional universe but differences lie in the details. Some things have to have been taken care for them in order to focus on the Jedi’s duties.

In order to bring balance to one’s self and have near Jedi abilities on Earth, there are four areas one must master.

They are:

  • Health/Well Being — Extremely important, One can not become a Jedi if they are unhealthy andĀ A sense of connectedness and belonging will bring strength to your force.
  • Financial — Almost all Jedi’s and trainee’s need credits in order to obtain basic necessities
  • Spiritual — Wisdom and an understanding how the force flows through a Jedi and their surroundings becomes pivotal
  • Creative — Each Jedi creates their own lightsaber and it becomes an extension of them. Creativity and building are the same for people. We will discussĀ  building your own lightsaber.

These are the broad topics that will be discussed. Once these are a part of your life in some meaningful way and balanced, you will have become a jedi of this world.

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